Evaluation Request Form

Evaluation Request Form

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What prompted your interest in investing in a renewable energy system for your home or business?
Concern about the environment and climate change
Political and security considerations of reliance upon fossil fuels and large utility companies
Want predictable, stable electric costs in the future
Want self-reliance, independence from the grid, or un-interrupted service during grid power outages
Increase the re-sale value of your property
Enhance the public’s perception of your business; be recognized as a community leader and a ‘green business’


I am interested in a Wise Power System for


Which type of system most interests you?

What is your desired time-frame for installation of a system?

How much electricity do you typically use each month?
per hour  

Average for monthly electric bill

 How much of your electricity do you want your system to supply?

Is the home or business where you’ll be installing a Wise Power System new or


Does the property have any of the following: basement, garage, or out-building?

What is the approximate size of the property?

Are you interested in a roof mounted system, or a ground solar array/separate
tower for wind turbine?


What type of roof do you have?

What material is your roof made of?



Does your roof, or available land, have
significant Southern exposure with limited shade?


(In case you are ‘directionally-challenged’ – that is to
your left if you’re facing the sunset.)


Does your roof, or available land, typically receive 6 or more hours of
sunlight on a sunny day?


 Are you interested in wind power, as well as
solar systems?



Do you see any of the following evidence
of significant wind exposure on your property?
Trees and vegetation on the property have grown leaning or twisting in the direction of prevailing wind
Flags or windsocks seldom droop from lack of wind
Are you kidding? It’s always gusty and windy here!
Not much wind here
No Clue
Additional Notes

What time it is best to call?