Monday, April 22nd, 2024

Brilliant Solutions to Help the Environment AND To Help Lower Your Utility Bills!

Renewable energy resources are all around us. Day or night, rain or shine, nature supplies the earth with abundant free energy. Enough solar radiation hits the earth’s surface every minute to supply all of the world’s energy demands for an entire year – and the wind is always blowing, somewhere!

Unlike fossil fuel deposits, sunlight and wind are not diminished by our harvesting them — and using them to generate electricity doesn’t produce toxic and ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions. Clearly, clean and ‘green’ energy is better for every living thing on the planet, and for the well being of future generations.

With recent design and technology advances, solar and wind power systems are more efficient and reliable than ever before – just when we need them most urgently. With the pressing realities of global warming, ever rising utility rates, and America’s goal of achieving energy independence, NOW is the time for Americans to invest in and make use of renewable energy generating systems.

Why wait? In combination various state and municipal government incentives, utility company rebate programs, and federal tax credits can offset the purchase and installation costs of your system by as much as 80%. Doing the right thing for the environment is within reach of many home and business owners – right now.


Learn how an affordable system can lower your utility bills.

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U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) flips the switch on Wise Power Systems just in time.

Wise Power's simple kits could advance Kenya's rural electrification effort.
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