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Wise Power Systems Installs 5 Megawatt Solar Micro Grid, Annobon Island, EG

Solar Micro Grid Panels Annobon EG

Wise Power Systems has installed one of the world’s largest 100% solar micro grids on Annobon Island, Equatorial Guinea. The systems is made up of 20,000 solar panels capable of producing up to 5 Megawatts of power, and the system has up to 10 Megawatts of power storage. The island, located 100 miles off the west coast of Africa, previously only had diesel generators that would only produce power for a few hours each day. Now, thanks to Wise Power Systems, the people of Annobon Island have access to electricity 24 hours a day.

Solar Micro Grid Installation Annobon EG

This new access to reliable power now gives the island and its residents the ability to do things that previously were impossible. This includes keeping their streets lit at night, powering their homes, and even powering freezers to preserve and store fish caught in the surrounding fishing grounds.

In addition to the Micro Grid, Wise Power Systems also replaced 10,000 light bulbs in the main city of San Antonio de Palé with our own patented low-usage LED Lights. Each of these lights is capable of lasting for over 80,000 hours of use, and output an industry-leading 180 lumens per Watt. Upgrading these lights means that there is now less strain on the grid, leaving more room for future expansion. The island’s government has already begun construction on a new hospital, a new school, and even a new stadium.

Solar Micro Grid Learning Annobon Island

The Wise Power Systems Micro Grid provides a host of new opportunities. Now, the people of the island can experience and learn about solar power first-hand, and work to improve and spread the technology throughout the globe.

As a result of our efforts, Wise Power Systems was honored with the Award for Excellence in International Trade by the World Trade Center Delaware.

Wise Power Systems Partners with Grape Solar



Wilmington, DE–To help Ontario, Canada continue to move its green economy forward, Wise Power Systems, a Wilmington, DE-based green energy company, is partnering with Grape Solar to manufacture and market pre-assembled ready to install solar power PV kits in Ontario. Wise will use the PV solar panels manufactured by Grape Solar in the design and engineering of the complete pre-assembled kits.
“Ontario’s 2009 Green Energy Act has sparked the rising demand for solar powered energy by making it environmentally and economically beneficial to install renewable energy systems”, said Bill Rawheiser, president, Wise Power Systems. “Easy access to solar energy is the key. The pre-engineered PV solar panel kits with Grape panels are complete systems, allowing
Ontarians who choose to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy sources can do so more easily, confidently, and efficiently. This means they will more quickly be able to contribute to a cleaner environment and make money.”
Provisions of the Green Energy Act ensure that those who have solar systems will be paid a guaranteed price for all the electricity they produce for at least 20 years, making clean energy a profit-making enterprise.

Further, using the pre-manufactured 10 kW or 250 kW kits greatly reduces the time it takes for installation, making it possible to have a residential solar system installed in as little as a day and larger systems in a matter of weeks.

The pre-assembled solar PV kits will deliver a return on investment in about five years, depending on the amount of energy used. “For systems up to 10 kW, the contract with the Ontario Power Authority guarantees a payout of 80.2 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh)a year for 20 years. So if you use 12,000 kWh a year, you would earn up to $10,000 annually,” said Wise.

The pre-assembled kit expedites installation by breaking down the process into four easy steps: install the Wise mounting system, place the pre-assembled panel modules to create the array, run the conduit wire to the pre wired inverters, then have an electrician run wires from the “pre-installed revenue meter” to the electrical grid.


Locally-manufactured pre-engineered kits, which use Grape Solar’s PV solar panels, will be marketed to installers as well as directly to end-users in Ontario. All kits will include a step-by-step installation manual and video. “To provide technical help and support, we also will have a hotline and a web site,” said Wise.

About Wise Power Systems
Wise Power Systems is a Wilmington, DE-based global green energy company which has done work on three continents, that for more than five years has provided renewable energy project consultation and a full spectrum of design, sales, and installations of industry-leading PV solar electric power systems, solar hot water heating systems, and wind electric power systems.


U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) flips the switch on Wise Power Systems just in time.

Wise Power's simple kits could advance Kenya's rural electrification effort.
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